Escape to the Black Lake | Regulus & Amelia

Regulus had felt a bit overwhelmed recently in the castle. At every turn of the corridor there was a new ordeal to cope with it. Whether it be Bellatrix and her demands or his brother telling him the exact opposite. He felt like he was being pulled by the two ends of his family and neither side was giving him a moment’s peace to figure out what he wanted. So when Amelia asked if he wanted to take a walk with her, he jumped at the chance. Normally in this situation he would have gone to find Rosie but he hadn’t been completely honest with her about what he’d done recently.

He made his way swiftly out of the castle and onto the grounds, avoiding the glare of any of the patrolling teachers and weaving in and out of the bundles of students scattered everywhere. The air was cool, Regulus took a deep breath of it and enjoyed this fleeting moment of silence. As he reached the Black Lake, he started to kick at the stones that bordered the water until Amelia appeared. He forced a smile at her. “Hey.”